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Ahti X1 – The Connected Life Jacket

Mats Lönngren, Industrial & Concept designer

About Ahti X1

Ahti X1 is a novel life jacket concept that allows tracking the life jacket of a person who has fallen into the sea. The concept aims to address three main problems related to man overboard (MOB) situations: 1) prevention of accidents 2) locating the victim and 3) retrieving the victim from the sea. The goal is to improve the overall safety of both single and multiple individuals by addressing the chain of events related to MOB situations.

Ahti X1 is based on two components: the life jacket and its companion mobile application. The life jacket builds upon existing automatically inflatable technology and adds safety-enhancing features. The simple, seamless design of Ahti X1 makes it attractive to wear at all times. It is lightweight, comfortable, and a natural item to wear on board.

The built-in ability to track the life jacket is the main innovation, bringing a new level of assurance to safety at sea. The mobile application can display the victim in relation to the vessel and track the location over a period of time. Once the life jacket is inflated, it automatically creates a time stamp and sends its location to users of the application and AIS- equipped chart plotters within a specific radius. The inflated life jacket also reveals a set of gripping points to help lift the victim out of the water. When tracking the victim, relevant information such as time in water, distance to victim, vessel speed and direction, wind-data and water temperature is displayed. The application additionally provides an overview of paired life jackets that notify the user in case of malfunction, low battery levels or component update needs. Learning material and a training mode encourage both viewing and practicing safety procedures designed to prevent MOB situations.

Statement of the Jury

This project is a very good example of using the latest technology to improve life – and there is nothing more valuable than a long life. The concept is a radical redesign of an everyday object that hasn’t been rethought in years – a system with connectivity from the life jacket to the app, and location services when someone is lost at sea. The jury liked the execution, and all aspects of the system seem to have been thoroughly examined. It is a beautiful design that looks great whether the life jacket is inflated or not. We live in an age of caution, and this is safety made both smart and sexy.


Mats Lönngren

Since 2015 Working as an Industrial & Concept designer at Aivan Oy, Helsinki, Finland
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2010 - 2015: Working as an Industrial & Concept designer at Pentagon Design Oy, Helsinki, Finland

2010: Strategic internship at Nokia Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland

2010: Master of Arts degree at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland

2005 - 2006: Studies at Köln International School of Design through the Master of European Design programme, Köln, Germany

2004 - 2006 Studies at ENSCI Les Ateliers through the Master of European Design programme, Paris, France
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