Forest Wizard – Forest Fire Detection System

Hsiang Han Design, Taichung City, Taiwan

About Forest Wizard

Forest Wizard is a device to help detect forest fires. The system combines a chip that detects fires, GPS, and a communication device to send information to firefighters. To create a fire detection network, the product can be placed in determined intervals throughout the forest. The communication monitor would alert firefighters regarding intensity, location and direction of the fire. Firefighters could arrive at the exact fire location via helicopters or other transportation, making the firefighting action more efficient.

Forest Wizard can also send messages about nearby fires to travelers’ mobile phones. This would warn them to stay away from the fire area and guide them to a safe location. Even if there were no fire, the system would help prevent tourists walking inside a large forest from getting lost.

The device is powered using vibration power and solar power, converting natural energy into electrical energy. The product’s outer housing is made of heat- and ultraviolet light-resistant ceramic fiber, which protects the interior electrical components from damage due to high temperatures and ensures accuracy and minimal repairs. The design is suitable for use in conservation areas and forests at high risk for forest fires. In the future, forests will be protected by the Forest Wizard.


Hsiang Han Hsu

Since 2013 Industrial Designer, HSIANG HAN DESIGN, Taichung, Taiwan
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2006 - 2010 Studies at Fortune Institute of Technology, Department of the Product Design, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Since 2013 Industrial Designer, HSIANG HAN DESIGN, Taichung, Taiwan

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