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Let Me In – Door Handle

Sono Mocci, Freelance Designer

About Let Me In

They are familiar friends you usually encounter separately, and now you can celebrate their unexpected marriage with a smile. A reinterpretation of the traditional curvilinear steel handle integrates the door handle and security chain into one design entity. Its sleek appearance offers a harmonious balance between function and playfulness, but with restraint. The design is minimized for user comfort. The stainless steel handle can be produced via mass production, metal casting, or a combination of both.

Statement of the Jury

In this age of information overload, a concept that removes complexity is seen as very valuable. The jury found the concept to be brilliant, very strong, an elegant and simple solution. It simplifies an element of daily life, something that is used by millions of people every day. The beauty of it, its main advantage, is that it reduces two products to one. The integrated solution gives an existing handle a new function and leverages its connection point. The jury felt there is a slight design issue that needs to be resolved, but this should pose no problem to the product’s realization.


Sono Mocci

Since 2002 Working as freelance designer, Milano, Italy
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Until 2001 Worked in field of architecture and lighting design, Tokyo, Osaka, Japan
2001 Studied at master in product design /Domus academy, Milano, Italy
Since 2002 Working as freelance designer, Milano, Italy

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