La Galoche

Human-Powered Kick Scooter

About La Galoche

La Galoche is a charming little human-powered scooter that aims to fight with style against global warming and obesity. Many adults see soft mobility solutions as toys or as very technical objects. With La Galoche our ambition was to create an exciting product that looks classy and familiar at first glance, while upgrading the user experience. Made of bent aluminum tubes, this scooter tackles the two major obstacles for adults when it comes to buying a scooter:
- Its integrated locker counters the concern of bulkiness during the day
- Its small size - 35% more compact than a comparable scooter
- reduces the obstacle of bulkiness when using public transportion.
Additional features include:
-A large range of accessories, making it fully customizable
-The scooter is made of valuable materials such as wood and leather
-The streamlined frame makes the product lighter
-The connected headset enables GPS and physical activity records
-Its patented locking system allows one to fold the scooter within seconds.
Traffic congestion is a major source of air contamination in most big cities. At the same time, obesity is rising at alarming levels. There is a clear need for eco-friendly transportation solutions that promote regular physical activity. For this project, the studio went beyond just design. While intensively developing the product, we worked on a zero budget communication campaign on social media to test the market. We created the first digital scooter brand sharing 3D renderings. La Galoche has already gathered one of the biggest communities in this industry. Up to now, 40 major distributors have contacted us. “La Galoche” synthesizes our belief that simple objects are the key to face big issues. This scooter incarnates the Parisian spirit and will participate making cities greener and more elegant. This project requires a significant amount of investment. International recognition would speed up our investor research and would help us to manufacture a final prototype to obtain EU certification.


Nathanaël Désormeaux

Since 2018 Product design professor – Ecole de Condé, Paris, France
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2009 Internship at Renault automotiv – Technocentre Guyancourt, France
Internship at Michael Young LTD, Hong-Kong, China
2012 - 2014 Benjamin Hubert LTD (Layer design) - Designer, London, UK
2015 - 2018 Product design professor – Ecole de Condé, Paris, France


Damien Carrette

Since 2014 Freelance designer – L’Oreal group – Helena Rubinstein
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2009 Internship at Plastic Omnium, Sainte-Julie, France
Internship at Design mall LTD, Seoul, Korea
2012 - 2014 Doshi Levien LTD – Designer, London, UK
2014 Freelance designer – L’Oreal group – Helena Rubinstein

Pierre-Adrien Ducarre

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