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September 12th, 2018.
Final jury session and award ceremony.

The final judging and award ceremony of the 50th anniversary BraunPrize 2018 took place in Kronberg, Germany. 3087 entries from 107 countries were submitted for this 20th edition of the BraunPrize competition, the highest number of submissions the BraunPrize has ever seen.

An international jury has pre-selected five finalists in two categories, Students and Young Talents, for the Guest Jury to judge and award the final winners.
The finalists presented their work in the BraunPrize Jury Forum during the afternoon of the 12th, followed by the Award Ceremony and Party in the early evening.

In addition, the jury selected fifty further outstanding projects as "Special Mentions" and to be part of the BraunPrize exhibtion.

Awards 2018

The total prize money for both categories is $75,000 USD. In addition to the cash prizes, all award winners will receive a trophy and a certificate.The best entries will also be presented in the BraunPrize exhibition and made public in the international press and online.
2x $15,000 USD Gold Award Student and Young Talent
2x $10,000 USD Silver Award Student and Young Talent
2x $5,000 USD Bronze Award Student and Young Talent
2x $5,000 USD First Sustainability Award Student and Young Talent
2x $2,500 USD Second Sustainability Award Student and Young Talent
Internship Chance of an internship
at the Braun Design department

2 Anniversaries

Established 1968 in Frankfurt, Germany by Erwin Braun, the idea of the BraunPrize is today as relevant as it was then: to nurture and support young, up-and-coming designers and inventors that take on the challenge of making this world a better place with their creativity and craft.
Year animation still
of commitment to the prinziples of good design.

the international competition for product design concepts.
since 1968

Judging process in 3 steps

Jury sessions & Design Forum

Jury session – June 2018
In the jury session, the entries are evaluated by the panel of judges with great care and thoroughness; many discussions will follow to select the best entries.
The best entries will be notified via email after the jury session, in early June 2018, to prepare their submissions for the next judging step. They may qualify as a Finalist, Special Mention or Sustainability Award winner by sending a video presentation of their project to the jury by early July 2018.
Finalists qualifying – July 2018
In the next judging step, the Finalists for Gold-Silver-Bronze Awards in each category are chosen, as well as the winners of the Sustainability Awards. In addition, the jury will select further outstanding projects to be part of the BraunPrize exhibition.
Those who qualify will receive further information about next steps to prepare their presentation to the design forum. A physical design model need only be submitted if specifically requested by us. Travel and accommodation costs for the award winners will be covered.
Final judging forum – September 2018
The final selection of award winners will be made in the “Design Forum”. Here, the Finalists will present their projects to the jury and a selected audience of about 200 representatives who are either designers or who work in industry, technology and the media and have a special interest in the field of design. The Design Forum then votes to select the final Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

The Braunprize 2018

Open for:

Education, Students
and Young Talents

Closing date:

20th April, 2018

Prize Money:



Free of charge

Design for what matters:

The BraunPrize 2018 challenges creative minds to envision design concepts that matter. Our world is becoming increasingly complex – our focus should be on what is essential, on creating truly better solutions and experiences. By taking on global problems or simply improving the quality of individual lives, we want to encourage innovation that can be virtua or physical, scientific or technical, or that changes our behavior for the better. Awards will go to exceptional ideas and product design concepts – 2 or 3 dimensional, including interactive – that offer progress and improvement, that are significant, substantial, and meaningful: design for what matters.
Submission rules

Facts & News

04.04.2018   14:00

The BraunPrize event on September 12, 2018 is your chance to present yourself and your work on the international design stage. There are only 10 days left to submit your work.


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Read all about our Jury 2018: Lidan Liu, Oliver Grabes, Duy Phong Vu, Rosario Costa, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and Stefan Schamberg


New closing date:
20th April 2018
Got to the timeline

05.12.2017   9:40

The BraunPrize team selected the winners of the early bird lottery for three exclusive Braun wristwatches.

05.12.2017   09:35

The early bird lottery winners are: Fariba Rahimian Marnani, San Jose, USA
Govind Sharma, Mumbai , India
Tao Chan, Qingdao, China

The early bird submission phase is now closed.
Thanks to all the participants who already sent the requested materials by November 20th.
Please note: final submission date: March 20, 2018

28.11.2017   14:00

On November 28th the early bird lottery took place at the Braun Design department in Kronberg, Germany.
Three lucky winners have been drawn and can look forward to an exclusive wristwatch from Braun.

27.11.2017   12:00

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